Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

From This:

To This:

Best maki sushi tutorial I could uncover is this one. Watch out for the rice, it's the most important ingredient here.:)

I relaxed today and so did my little family. I sewed while Emma played with her toys in the living room after lunch. I managed to accomplish quite a few projects as portrayed in these little clues:

Big thank you to Lupin for this tutorial. I worked on a similar banner today and the time it took me to complete it was just under an hour! It was fun and light and it livened up the space! Tomorrow, I will show you pictures of the finished product.

Matthew Santos is a new voice out of Chicago, I was happy to learn today. Interesting voice and an amazing talent. Listen to his song 'Shadows in a Shoebox.'

Happy Monday All!

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