Friday, May 28, 2010

Eco-Friendly: Reduce Reuse and Recycle

I've been obsessing over the latest environmental catastrophe that has hit the Gulf of Mexico with the current BP spill. After a month, the oil is still gushing and I'm sure we are all concerned about the sea life and the ramifications of this on our wild-life. And what this will mean to our environment in the future. 
The Facts as cited from

Americans generate 30 billion foam cups, 220 million tires, and 1.8 billion disposable diapers every year.

Every year, one American produces over 3,285 pounds of hazardous waste.

Over 80% of items in landfills can be recycled, but they’re not.

    Vehicle exhaust contributes roughly 60% of all carbon monoxide emissions nationwide, and up to 95% in cities.

    Large hog farms emit hydrogen sulfide, a gas that most often causes flu-like symptoms in humans, but at high concentrations can lead to brain damage. (That one scared me the most..)

    There's more. lots more. There are small ways, however, for you as an individual, to help.

    Use cloth diapers.

    Buy local. Less demand for produce outside your area means less transporting of bulk goods from other places. 

    Compost, recycle. 

    Carpool, use public transportation, bike or walk.

    Use energy saving light bulbs. Turn off your light when not in a room. Take the plug off your appliances when you're not using them.

    Eat more vegetables, organic or with low pesticides. Eat less meat. 

    These are the simple things you can start with. They're small but if we all try them, the results can be promising. On our part, I've started separating our garbage and actually make time to shuffle it all in the car once I have enough paper/plastic/aluminum and drive it myself to my city's recycling center. It's a process but I'm trying to find that rhythm!

    What more do you think you can do to help with decreasing the impact of pollution on our planet?

    Here's a few lovelies from Etsy, which has wonderful resources on its blog for reducing waste and points us constantly to shops on the Etsy site that utilize recycled mediums::





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    Also, thank you Etsy for the latest treasury to make the FP! All the convos I received from the sellers featured were ecstatic, so thank you for making their day:)

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Stay safe and I'll see you next week! XO, Maha & Emma:)

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