Friday, April 23, 2010

Some of my Favorite Accessory Shops on Etsy

So I promised I would share some of my favorites. I love looking through Etsy for new hair accessories and have managed, on occasion, to come across some really good ones that I wouldn't mind wearing. One of the shops I enjoyed perusing is Lamodage. The shop is owned by Holly and her sister, who love sharing their vintage finds in their shop and adding them to creations that Holly procures. The amazing headbands caught my eye, each one unique and individual. Check out her shop, you might find something bohemian and unique!

Another shop I stumbled upon purely by accident, is Southforthesummer. The haunting pictures and the amazing feathered headbands took my breath away. Jen has a blog and is a milliner of sorts. She draws inspiration from the flapper-esque costumes of the 20's and her head pieces surely reflect a simplicity and glamour all rolled into one. 

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