Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy 40th Earth Day!

April 22nd is Earth Day and Etsy is replete with articles on ways to reuse and recycle, which I am always inspired to read up on. Vintage shopping is high on my list on ways to do so and I know The puddingstorevint sends out sale notifications to those who subscribe. There's also a Storque Blog article by Daniellexo that highlights shops that sell vintage and what to look for, found here:

I must admit, I never thought of vintage before Etsy, but I am now more likely to buy vintage for me and Emma, since she'll outgrow any clothing or toys or books with time.

Meanwhile, I am happy to report my little cherub and I are enjoying the ever improving weather here in Chicago and making it a daily activity to venture out. I used to play soccer (or football, as I knew from my side of the pond) as a little girl (many, many moons ago) and I can still kick and run quite well for an aging momma. Emma never fit the stereotype of a quiet, introspective child and I suppose I must have passed that on to her, genetically, somehow.

Well, we did that today and it helps to let her run amok for a while before dinner and bed-time. She eats her food without incident and we read a story or two and she's in Dreamland fifteen minutes later!

After our run, we went for a walk to the local middle school adjoining our home and we played a bit there and finally made it home. I have no idea where children get their energy from, but I have a sneaky suspicion that they keep it on reserve somewhere for days like this one. I always feel so exhausted after an outing with Emma. I kid not when I say I'm old:)

The school playground had a map of the United States so the kids may familiarize themselves with it. Excellent tool, I say, since they're playing, seeing it everyday is a good way to make them test their memory skills.

On our trek home, Emma made it clear: She's done with picture-taking!

What activities do you enjoy with your child?

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