Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Evening of Poetry


Leave me run, far away
You have no place for me to stay.
Leave me hide, deep within me
Turning inwards, and inside
Is where I'll be.
Leave me explore, I am a vast domain
Uncharted realms with no name.
I do not begin nor do I end
No family do I come from
And no friend.
I live in silence, a state of being
I watch how the blind
Do without seeing.
Lead me away and do come along.
You and I will never fit in
We'll never belong.
Wordless, listless we shall be
Always turning within
Outward and away
In serenity.

Maha H.

Leaving you with a poem (and you'll see these from time to time on Sundays, a reflective day for me). Poetry has always been a way for me to tap into what I feel. I hope you enjoy poetry like I do. What do you do when you need to articulate an emotion?

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