Saturday, April 17, 2010

And that evening...

So the last six pictures were a few minutes before we left the museum. And you can't hear me, but I am pleading with Emma to go home (I was pooped!, so much noise, water, bubbles and general mayhem). So, we went home and goofed infront of the camera whilst I got some treasuries settled in to Treasury Main and West. The whole time Emma was yelling," Mommy do I look stylish like this?" now, where did she learn that word? and does it seem clear I got my hands full with this chica?!

The last one is of Emma walking around in Daddy's shoes and mimicking him (she does a good impression:)..ahh my daughter the comedian!) She is almost fully potty-trained and I am very proud of her..she resisted, Lord knows she gave me a run for my money. But she's gotten so much better since then and I am a proud Mama:)

Hope you a great Friday and lots of silly vamping in front of a camera! It does wonders..

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