Thursday, April 29, 2010

Simple Tutorial..How to Make a Felt Hair Clip

A simple tutorial for the snap clips that I love making. Thought I'd share some of my techniques..

First: you need the snap clips, which I personally purchase from the craft stores and hair specialty stores local to my area. You can purchase them in batches from various stores on Etsy. My snap clips are 3 inches in length, but you can use any of the kinds out there. I also make use of securing the felt 'body' to the clip through the three top holes you see in the first pic. There are clips that do not have these holes, and they are probably smaller than 3 inches in length, so it won't be hard to secure the felt to the metal clip.

Second: You need the felt, and that can also be found on Etsy. Now that I've been doing this for a while, I prefer wool felt. Wool felt is thicker, but doesn't pill. But whatever felt can be used, including the craft felt.

Third: Embroidery thread, and those are also at your local craft store. I use a the whole thread and do not separate. I prefer the thread thick, but if you prefer it one thread, you can separate and use just one.

Make sure you outline the original clip, cut through 2 identical pieces and then estimate the position of the slit for the back felt piece of the clip. I usually go through all the steps you see pictured here and then I secure the whole thing before I start sewing. 

Here is an illustration on a blanket stitch, but you can use any other technique : back stitch, running stitch or whatever is more comfortable. Make sure the stitches are close enough to the clip to secure it and not have it wobble. 

Now for the top of the clip, I have been known to put flowers, buttons, stars and hearts. You can add anything you want. All you need is to glue it on there and you're set. And have fun with it!

My week so far..

Well, we're almost done week-wise. I spent most of the week 'hanging' with Emma. I'm trying to squeeze as much time with her now before she gets into preschool. So Tuesday, she was off with Dad. Wednesday, we spent running errands, a nice car ride, and a car wash. Thursday, quietly and slowly got to spend some time at Ikea and driving as well. I like to drive, I'm not sure why or how. I learned to drive late, at 26. I originally come from that part of the world where public transportation is the preferred mode of commuting. I like driving because I find it soothing..go figure!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Haircut



Emma's first haircut at a salon was today. She sat quietly (surprise!) as her hair was being cut. Most of the earlier haircuts were made by me in the past, in a rush (since she tends to wriggle uncomfortably and can not sit still). I was quite proud of her, she's all grown up! She even strapped herself in (somewhat, of course I secured her in properly after) as we were getting in the car to leave. Maybe, someday, she and I will be able to both go in for a haircut together!;)

I also have a couple of treasuries I want to add, for viewing pleasure.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Evening of Poetry


Leave me run, far away
You have no place for me to stay.
Leave me hide, deep within me
Turning inwards, and inside
Is where I'll be.
Leave me explore, I am a vast domain
Uncharted realms with no name.
I do not begin nor do I end
No family do I come from
And no friend.
I live in silence, a state of being
I watch how the blind
Do without seeing.
Lead me away and do come along.
You and I will never fit in
We'll never belong.
Wordless, listless we shall be
Always turning within
Outward and away
In serenity.

Maha H.

Leaving you with a poem (and you'll see these from time to time on Sundays, a reflective day for me). Poetry has always been a way for me to tap into what I feel. I hope you enjoy poetry like I do. What do you do when you need to articulate an emotion?

Friday, April 23, 2010


I am not a big jewelry person. I am petite, usually have my hair pulled away from my face and not really into excessive colors on my face or clothing. That's why my hair clips and snap clips are colorful. I try to stick to a simple palette and depend on my hair accessory to give me that extra pop of color. I do wear earrings and like the occasional piece of jewelry when out on some special outing. I love Yellowgoat's jewelry. The colors are simple, the pieces don't seem busy or heavy but they are absolutely unique and individual. Enjoy some of the images from this lovely and beautiful seller. Checking out Yellowgoat is one of my favorite treats of the day. My spirit and imagination are immediately uplifted!:)

Some of my Favorite Accessory Shops on Etsy

So I promised I would share some of my favorites. I love looking through Etsy for new hair accessories and have managed, on occasion, to come across some really good ones that I wouldn't mind wearing. One of the shops I enjoyed perusing is Lamodage. The shop is owned by Holly and her sister, who love sharing their vintage finds in their shop and adding them to creations that Holly procures. The amazing headbands caught my eye, each one unique and individual. Check out her shop, you might find something bohemian and unique!

Another shop I stumbled upon purely by accident, is Southforthesummer. The haunting pictures and the amazing feathered headbands took my breath away. Jen has a blog and is a milliner of sorts. She draws inspiration from the flapper-esque costumes of the 20's and her head pieces surely reflect a simplicity and glamour all rolled into one. 

Another treasury makes the FP

And that one is definitely one of my's inspired by the beach and the ocean, which I miss! A lot of the shops reported sales after that FP, so I think business may be picking up on Etsy (fingers crossed(: let's hope!) But it was a great way to end my week and am hopeful for better shopping days for Etsy! Have a great Friday, everyone.

Happy 40th Earth Day!

April 22nd is Earth Day and Etsy is replete with articles on ways to reuse and recycle, which I am always inspired to read up on. Vintage shopping is high on my list on ways to do so and I know The puddingstorevint sends out sale notifications to those who subscribe. There's also a Storque Blog article by Daniellexo that highlights shops that sell vintage and what to look for, found here:

I must admit, I never thought of vintage before Etsy, but I am now more likely to buy vintage for me and Emma, since she'll outgrow any clothing or toys or books with time.

Meanwhile, I am happy to report my little cherub and I are enjoying the ever improving weather here in Chicago and making it a daily activity to venture out. I used to play soccer (or football, as I knew from my side of the pond) as a little girl (many, many moons ago) and I can still kick and run quite well for an aging momma. Emma never fit the stereotype of a quiet, introspective child and I suppose I must have passed that on to her, genetically, somehow.

Well, we did that today and it helps to let her run amok for a while before dinner and bed-time. She eats her food without incident and we read a story or two and she's in Dreamland fifteen minutes later!

After our run, we went for a walk to the local middle school adjoining our home and we played a bit there and finally made it home. I have no idea where children get their energy from, but I have a sneaky suspicion that they keep it on reserve somewhere for days like this one. I always feel so exhausted after an outing with Emma. I kid not when I say I'm old:)

The school playground had a map of the United States so the kids may familiarize themselves with it. Excellent tool, I say, since they're playing, seeing it everyday is a good way to make them test their memory skills.

On our trek home, Emma made it clear: She's done with picture-taking!

What activities do you enjoy with your child?