Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Haba Toys

For all the new mamas who are looking for fun and well-made toys for their babies, I recommend Haba Toys. As a new mom, I was concerned about all that I was hearing about 'unsafe' toys and lead content. I looked for toys that were natural wood and toys that were soft (since teething as a baby needs relief). Haba was one of the first I took a liking to. The two sites I went looking for natural toys was and There is a wealth of colorful alternatives to check out in those two online stores. One of my favorites too was, which is also a brick and mortar store based out of Minneapolis. There is everything from binkies to strollers to baby clothes up to toddler sizes in all the latest fashionable accessories and clothes for your little one. And if you love shopping, you'll definitely enjoy shopping for your little ones there!

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