Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today was sunny...

Beautiful day. We didn't even need coats. We went to Oakbrook Mall and the mall was crawling with people. So different a month ago, when a Sunday afternoon and there was nary a soul. Emma was happy..spent a rare day hanging out with me and family.

Friday, November 6, 2009

It's already November. And it's almost six months since my shop opened. It's been okay. I can't complain. At least I had some sales and I got introduced to a whole new level of committment to home business. But I  must say, the one thing I took away from all of this, is the sense of community Etsy pervades. Even when you tell yourself, you're on your own, this is your 'baby.' It is but you could always jump on the forums and someone rallies to encourage and positive reinforce. And technically, they're competition. But you never feel that way, they don't let you. I love that. It's like having a whole set of brothers and sisters. They're going to be brutally honest and might make you flinch with their honesty...but you know their heart's in the right place.
And now, to the real reason behind this post...the little rugrat pictured below! I have been hanging out with her more often lately since my Etsy shop is slow. But that's okay, coz that would mean more time goofing off with Emma. The weather hasn't been co-operating...we missed a pumpkin patch outing because of it. But yesterday, the sun came out finally after three weeks of hiding, and we went out to just 'hang.' Needless to say, I love hanging with my girl. She is way cool and I want to make sure I do this now before she gets a clue and stops wanting to hang out with her old, uncool mom.