Saturday, October 31, 2009

To my Ballerina


Dear Emma,
This is a milestone. This will be the first Halloween you will actually recognize as Halloween. This is your third Halloween with me, with us, your daddy and me. I feel very blessed to have shared it with an exceptional little girl like you. It is always stressful planning the outfits (and I start in September) and even more stressful getting you to like them. This year it was hard. You revolted a bit against my choice, but if you recall your first costume, it's kinda of an easier costume to bear than that first one! And even then, at only 9 months, I sensed your displeasure at having to put that Octopus costume on! You always were one to speak your mind!:)Love you little girl and I hope you had a good Halloween.
XOXO, Mama

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