Saturday, October 31, 2009

To my Ballerina


Dear Emma,
This is a milestone. This will be the first Halloween you will actually recognize as Halloween. This is your third Halloween with me, with us, your daddy and me. I feel very blessed to have shared it with an exceptional little girl like you. It is always stressful planning the outfits (and I start in September) and even more stressful getting you to like them. This year it was hard. You revolted a bit against my choice, but if you recall your first costume, it's kinda of an easier costume to bear than that first one! And even then, at only 9 months, I sensed your displeasure at having to put that Octopus costume on! You always were one to speak your mind!:)Love you little girl and I hope you had a good Halloween.
XOXO, Mama

The Many Ways to Say 'Pumpkin'

Today Emma and I spent the day quietly hanging out and later on we will get ready for our yearly Halloween party at Gym today. Here is Emma and I reading about Hallow's eve last night. No real fanfare in our home when it comes to this time of year, just apple crisps pie and books and spending some time together. At left, you will see the many ways to say PUMPKIN in the many languages of the world!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Whale of a Time

Today, its quiet. No frenzied runs to the little one's gym and no hustle and bustle to go for errands. My Etsy shop has been all but dead, and as a result, I have given myself a green light to leisurely sit and craft quietly, no hurry, no runs to buy supplies. I'm not sure of what to make of the quiet, but I will put it to good use. Here is one prototype: A little felt whale I made for Emma the other day. He is too cute and am thinking I would like to make more. I used bamboo stuffing and am very happy I shelled out those dollars. I like knowing my felt softies are safe and natural.:)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What I Did Today: A Visual Diary

Presenting our picture diary of what we did today:)
1. Emma getting ready for gym class. She asked I take her photo while she tries to get the organic lip balm open and applies it for the cold weather outside.
2. After: all tuckered out.
3. My little purchase for my daughter: a Holiday outfit for school/outings and to fulfill her need to be diva-licious!
The End.

Have a nice day too and don't forget to do those little things to document your child's young years. It's soo much fun and make for a good story for Dad when he comes home!

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's been horrible weather in Chicago the last couple of days. There was a news thing I heard a day ago about a Chicagoans being the most stressed people in the U.S. I think the weather has something to do with it. We had three AWESOME days of Indian Summer and just like that, they're gone..:(
The pumpkin patch will have to wait, we have rain, wind and no sun whatsoever. And I am nursing a cold and so is she. I'm not risking it...But we did go to the mall, which in my world is like telling me I can't have vanilla ice cream but I can have the creme brulee!! I love the mall, and Oakbrook mall is my favorite! We have pics of that. Yes, it's mundane and ordinary but we enjoyed it, so I hope you enjoy it too:)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Random pics of Chicago and some of a sleepy wood nymph






1. Auditorium Theatre
2. Auditorium Theatre entrance
3. Chicago Public Library (check out the gargoyles)
4. Chicago Stock Exchange
5. Emma sleeping through it all

These are some of the pics I promised to post. I am setting them out into the Virtual Universe. And some of a very happy forest nymph from last Halloween!

Monday, October 12, 2009



1. The Art Institute which is basically across the street from Millenium Park.
2. Chris and Emma reflected off The Bean.
3. Water Tower Place: great shopping in there. Love it!
4. Those high rise beauties that cover Chicago and block all sorts of sky as you walk between them.
5.  The Bean.

I went to Chicago last night. It felt great to visit Millenium Park and walk on Michigan Ave., though terribly chilly weather, thanks to the lake effect. I loved every bit of it, though, my body feels sore today because of the frigid wind whipping underneath my tired winter coat. Note to self: need winter clothing!

More pics to come up on my Flickr. I just need time to sift through the photos! Have a great Monday and Happy Columbus Day!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Crowns..

I love these new crowns and they are ornate, flashy and I love 'em. Fit for a princess/queen/diva. Or all three! I hope I will always be able to make these. I love the idea of them being worn by little girls in ballet recital or wedding. Regardless, if I cannot sell them, I will probably be making them for friends and family. And that's fine with me!